"We can also custom
build a grill to your
  JHR’s Trailer Grill
    Planning to do some serious outdoor cooking? Our trailer grills set the industry standard for portable
   trailer grill solutions and if you’re as serious about cooking as we are - then keeping reading about what we can offer.
The Trailer Grill is 100%
handbuilt in S.C. by:
Standard Grill

Our standard 5' Trailer Grill includes

  • Two interior low pressure burners
  • Adjustable valves for each burner
  • 15 sqft pull out rack
  • Exterior rack/prep table
  • 36" Flavor box
  • Two thermometers (one on each door)
  • Flavor box gives you the option to cook with propane or charcoal and allows you to use charcoal or wood chips to enhance seasoning / flavoring.
Additional Options that are Available:
Additional Footage to Standard 5' Grill (up to 8' long), Fish Fryer(exterior burner), Storage/Tool Box (36"), Double Racks, Electric Igniters, High Pressure Burners, Chrome Exhaust Stacks, Propane Tank, Aluminum or Chrome Wheels, 2500# axles

We can usually turn out a completed Trailer Grill in less than 2 weeks. Trailer Grills are fabricated by hand with rolled 3/16" steel, 3" channel, 1 1/2" angle iron & wire mesh. The design provides for indirect heat therefore you will not have flame flare ups that could ruin your meat.